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What is a Leap Year ?



Its a strange thing a Leap Year and maybe you don’t know much about it, below we have put a few facts on why it happens and what might happen on the day.

Why do we have a Leap Year ?

2016 is the year of the Leap Year, it will happen again in 2020 and last happened in 2012, yes you’ve guessed it if you didn’t know already, it happens every for years.

Why is this you may ask, well its to do with something called the Tropical Calender or Solar Calender if you prefer.  Without out it all the seasons would change and the start of Summer would end up in Winter, but this would take around 750 years.

As it takes 365.24 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun and extra day is add every 4 years to keep in with the Georgian Calendar (est.1582)  – 0.24 days x 4 = 1 day … well just under.

What if you are born on a Leap Year ? 

The odds of being born on the 29th February is 1,461 to one, pretty high odds.  Most people suggest if you were born before Midday on the 29th that your birthday should fall on the 28th and after Midday on the 1st March.

Why do women propose on a Leap Year ?

Watch out fella’s, its apparently the day when ladies can propose marriage.  There is a few theories why women propose on a Leap Year, one is from the 5th century an Irish nun called St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for their man to propose. Patrick then supposedly gave women the chance to ask the question every four years.  Another theory goes back to Scottish Law from 1288 which states  an unmarried women is allowed the freedom to propose during a leap year, and the man who refused was handed a fine.

So there you have it a few bits and pieces to unearth the mystery of a Leap Year.


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