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Pair charged over ‘significant seizure’ of cocaine

Two men have been charged following a “major seizure of cocaine” from a boat in the English Channel.

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Celebrities who were ‘banned’ from Thatcher’s party

Margaret Thatcher’s husband Denis vetted a celebrity guest list for a showbusiness reception planned at Downing Street, newly released documents show.

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Reunion for boy separated by Trump immigration policy

A boy who appeared in court after being separated from his father when they illegally crossed the US border has been reunited with his parents.

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Amazon, Toyota, Alcoa and others working to counter Trump’s tariff plans

Big companies in the United States from Inc to Toyota Motor Corp and Alcoa Corp are working to counter the effect of the Trump administration’s trade policies and to head off new tariffs.

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Missouri duck boat captain told passengers not to don life jackets – survivor

An Indiana woman who lost 9 members of her family, including her children and husband, when a “duck boat” capsized and sank in Missoruri said on television that the captain of the vessel told passengers not to put on life jackets.

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